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Realizzer Ultimate Upgrade to Stage Lighting + Laser Module

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Depence² is a unique visualization application designed for professionals who need to simulate multimedia installations with precise, detailed, and realistic results.

Depence² is the ideal platform to control and pre-viz your entire show. All the physical and controlled characteristics of the real equipment are simulated in real-time with pinpoint accuracy. Depence² helps you eliminate the guess work out of visualizing your designs.

Product Overview

Accurate Beam Rendering

Depence 2 lighting module accurate beam rendering example

Physical based real-time raytraced lighting beams are used to render high quality and realistically accurate light beams. With adjustable cloud and haze parameters you can instantly change the look of the scene.

PBR & Tonemapping

Depence 2 lighting module PBR and Tonemapping example

Depence² features full PBR (physical based rendering) capabilities and a comprehensive PBR Material library. All physical surface parameters such as roughness, reflections, etc. are combined to render natural looking surfaces. Tone-Mapping and color correction algorithms will ensure a realistic representation of colors depending on intensity.

Multi LED Lights

Depence 2 lighting module multi LED lights example

The engine supports all kinds of grouped multi LED fixtures, which are also singly controllable. The position of every single LED can be adjusted to match the original look of the fixture and its light distribution.

Truss Snapping

Depence 2 lighting module truss snapping example

Depence² comes with a library of more than 1500 truss elements. By using simple Drag & Drop features it is possible to build up any truss extremely quick. Custom 3D trusses are generated procedurally from within the software.

Fixture Hang Tools

Depence 2 lighting module fixture hang tools example

Innovative design tools drastically speed up the process by allowing you to hang multiple fixture combinations onto trusses or splines automatically within a single action.

Depence 2 lighting module multi LED wall example

Import & Export

Depence² supports the new MVR file format introduced by VectorWorks to exchange entire stages including 3D models and fixture patching. Furthermore, it is possible to import patch files from grandMA and others in form of XML or CSV files.

Scanner Simulation

depence 2 scanner simulation example

Laser scanners, also known as galvanometers, can be physically limited in their overall speed because of their mass. Because of this, laser designers need to understand the balance between the scan rate and image complexity to avoid flickering to keep the image looking nice.

Since this can be a challenge, Depence² helps by simulating the behavior of the scanners correctly. Which helps laser designers create the best laser visualization within the software.

Beams and Atmospherics

Depence 2 beams and atmospherics example

Depence² can project life-like laser atmospheric effects of in real-time. It offers separate rendering settings for intensity, dynamic clouds, and fluid-like effects. Furthermore, Hot-Beams are taking care about the laser diode divergency and are getting thicker in distance.

Lasershow Control Systems

Depence 2 lasershow control systems example

Depence² supports all major laser control systems like Pangolin Beyond. BEYOND is a professional laser design and multimedia control software made for lighting and laser professionals to create the world's highest quality laser shows and effects.

BEYOND provides you with a complete suite of tools to create any sort of laser display you can imagine, and then gives you the functionality to control your content however you desire.

 Вы всегда можете купить по доступной цене программу Realizzer Ultimate Upgrade to Stage Lighting + Laser Module в интернет магазине Laser New Tec. 

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